I switched to porkbun

I've always been pretty dissatisfied with my old registrar, and I've always wanted to switch. Here's a few reasons I personally found porkbun the best alternative.

8 Nov 2023

2 min read

I switched mmyron.com to porkbun.

I was using HostGator for some time, and switching away from that platform has always been a goal of mine. I never really enjoyed using their platform, and dreaded needing to log onto cPanel to make some DNS change.

I could have picked literally any registrar and have been happy with the change; in fact, if I did this a few short months ago, I would have just gone with Google Domains. I was familiar with the platform, and it worked well enough for my simple needs. I would have needed a third-party SMTP provider (because Google Workspace is, frankly, a ripoff), but it would have worked out. However, we all know what happened to Google Domains.

To make a long story of searching short, I settled with porkbun. porkbun does domain management really well, and I’ve found that all-in-one solutions tend to do everything… not super well. There’s also always that bit of pretentious virtue of going with a (slightly) smaller registrar than one of the existing giants like Cloudflare or Squarespace or GoDaddy.

The switch itself was actually pretty painless. The worst part was needing to reset my domain auth code, falling for HostGator’s laughable excuse for customer support chat, and wading through several minutes of automated menus to get through to a pretty solid customer service representative.

$250 for three years of mediocre all-in-one hosting is kind of ridiculous, especially for the service I got from HostGator. It’s an all-in-one platform, so that $250 is paying for things I would never need. I’d rather pay porkbun for good domain management and email hosting, Vercel for good site hosting, and PlanetScale for good database management.