hey, i'm max.

I study computer science and philosophy at Suffolk University, and design and develop web tools in my spare time. I can't comment on their usefulness, but they're hopefully a little cool.

psst!  try $ ssh ssh.mmyron.com to check out this page in the terminal! \^o^/



Hypersearch is a Chromium extension that provides power-user search tools. Slim down and streamline Google search result pages by filtering out spam results and blocking unnecessary info cards.


Asciish is a Vite/Rollup extension that provides build-time Unicode injection using shortcodes. This helps to keep source code UTF-8 compliant, while allowing for the use of complex Unicode characters on a webpage.

Escape time is a small WebGL fractal explorer thrown together over a weekend for a Suffolk University Math Society presentation. It supports a few different fractals and was mostly a WebGL learning experience.


Clippy.mov is a web-based video editor built using FFmpeg.wasm. I stopped developing it after the new school semester started, and recently came back to it. It's in active development.

I have plenty of other projects not quite worthy of mention here, and you can see most of them on my GitHub.

I also infrequently write about things in the digital space that mean something to me. Here are some of my recent posts:

Improving gradients in TailwindCSS


20 April 2024

An unnecessarily deep dive into improving a teeny subset of TailwindCSS's utility classes.

I switched to porkbun

8 Nov 2023

I literally cannot believe I never did this sooner.

Svelte 5+ Wishlist

19 Sep 2023

I am sure most of these won't come to fruition, but I can dream.

A Future with Web Environment Integrity

26 Jul 2023

Our current trajectory is aiming towards a rather dystopian web.

Genesis - Attempt 2

1 May 2023

Let's try this again.

The humble roadmap

5 Apr 2023

Upgraded S-tier data-vis tools.